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Graham & Sons, Inc. provides the complete package in site preparation that includes:

• Submittals/Shop Drawings

• Arrangement of Pre-Construction Meetings with Municipalities and the Conservation District

• Coordination of Utility Companies for Installation to Expedite the Project

• Coordination with Clearing Contractor which Can be Provided at Owner’s Discretion

• Complete Site Grading and Erosion & Sedimentation Control Measures to Bring Site to Grade with Use of GPS Controlled Equipment

• Necessary Lay-Out & Grade Control of Site Utilities with GPS Control Includes: Storm, Sanitary, Water & Road Crossings for Electric/Cable/Telephone/Gas

• Necessary Trenching for Electric/Cable/Telephone/Gas Utilities

• Bring Site to Finish Grade with +/- 0.1’ and Have Site Ready for Paving Contractor, which Can be Provided at Owner’s Discretion