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About Us

Graham & Sons evolved from one man’s vision in 1957. Regis Graham, founder of Graham & Sons, Inc. saw the need for a change in occupation. Having worked many years in a glass manufacturing company in Ellwood City and operating an auto repair shop on the side, he decided to purchase his first machine (a Warner & Swasey Hopto 200 backhoe mounted on a 1949 dodge) and he began a career in the excavating business. He also retained his full time job.

However, with the help of his two young sons, he managed to build a very reputable and profitable business. In 1973, his youngest son, Chuck, returned to the business after graduating from Penn State with a civil engineering degree. The company was incorporated under its present name and measures were taken to diversify into the site preparation field and move away from small residential work.

The first site prep job was a 40 lot subdivision located in Ohio Twp., Allegheny County, PA. From that point the company, which owned only 5 older machines and employed 4 employees, continued to grow to its present position with 27 late model machines and 25 employees.

Regis remained at the helm of the business until 1985 when medical problems limited his ability to oversee the business. Chuck oversaw the business solely from that time on and at Regis’ passing in 1993, Chuck and his wife, Debbie, became sole owners.

Regis’ influence, though he has passed away, is still evident within the organization. He always stressed that every customer should be treated fairly and with respect and given the best job possible in the most cost efficient method possible. His advice was that by performing one good job, you got two more. But doing one job poorly would lose you twelve.

As an organization, we instill these values into our everyday operation. As two of Chuck & Debbie’s children and their spouses move into the management and eventual takeover of the company, these values will continue to be of utmost importance.

And as this company continues to be blessed by God and experience the strong growth it has over the past several years, a sizable portion of its profits are funneled into charities within the community, church and particularly to Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. Every 6 to 7 weeks Chuck and Debbie travel to Haiti to repair vehicles and generators for the mission. The company furnishes a shop, parts inventory, tires, fluids, etc. at no cost to the mission. This has been standard operating procedure for the company since 1999.


It is our belief that our employees are the most important asset we have and maintaining their safety and health must always remain a top priority in every aspect of business. We provide the resources necessary to manage, control, or eliminate all safety and health hazards. Graham & Sons has hired Lancaster Safety Consulting, Inc. ( to custom write our safety programs, conduct safety and health training, and help us keep compliant with applicable OSHA standards. LSCI also assists us with maintaining our *ISNetWorld® and PICS™ accounts.

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