Graham & Sons, Inc. was incorporated in 1973 with a mission to give the customer the best job in the most efficient and cost-effective method. Founder Regis L. Graham followed a simple motto, “If you do one good job, you’ll get two. If you do one bad job, you’ll lose twelve”, which represents trust, loyalty, pride and determination. Since the beginning to the present day, eight-five percent of all Graham & Sons, Inc.’s customers are repeat customers.

Graham & Sons, Inc. has always been a family owned and operated company. We plan to sell a fast, efficient, and dedicated workforce to site development and produce a profitable site for our Customer. Graham & Sons, Inc. provides services to land developers, which include grading of land; erosion and sedimentation control measures; and utility work, which include installation of sanitary sewers, storm sewers, waterlines, and other necessary utility work. Graham & Sons, Inc. is also a facilitator who coordinates with various utility companies to expedite the installation of electric, cable, telephone and gas lines.

Graham & Sons, Inc. is an employee oriented company. Graham & Sons, Inc. treats employees fairly and works to ensure the employees feel like each one is an important contribution to the corporation. In the excavation and site preparation field, a heavy employee turnover rate is standard. Graham & Sons, Inc. employee turnover rate is less than six percent. Most employees who have been employed at Graham & Sons, Inc. have an average of 15 years with the company. Several employees exceed thirty years of employment with Graham & Sons, Inc.

We operate late model, well maintained equipment. Most machines are assigned to one specific operator. It is his responsibility to check the machine for safety and operational deficiencies daily and report any deficiencies so they can be corrected. Safety is of the highest priority within the Organization.